Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GBE2 Expectations

For those of you wondering what these random blogs are about, I have been a part of a blogging group for about 4 years called the GBE ( Group Blogging Experience).  Folks from all over the USA and other parts of the globe who enjoy blogging and sharing thoughts with each other.
We represent a diversity of ethnic, religious, political and social beliefs but have this in common:
The willingness to listen and respond.

I have met so many folks through this medium, many in person and they have become dear friends who have broadened my perspective significantly.  Our current facilitator is our precious Beth from Chicago who assigns us a word or a topic each week and our homework ( if we choose to accept it) is to blog what comes to mind when we reflect on the subject.  This blog group is open to anyone. Let me know if you have an interest in joining.

May 25, 2011
GBE Topic - Expectations

The world was supposed to end 4 days ago.  At least that's what California based Harold Camping and his followers expected.  When I first heard it, my knee jerk reaction was to chuckle since I am convinced that when the Lord returns ( and I do believe He will), it will be totally un-anounced but at least we had one thing in common - the belief that His return will happen.

I first heard about the apocalypse 2 weeks prior to d-day, which gave me ample time to "repent, amend my ways and prepare to be caught up".  I have to admit I did give it some thought, quite a bit if I'm to be totally honest, but really? nothing changed in my daily routine.

Vic and I would quip back and forth about stuff that was "un-necessary" since we "wouldn't be here past 5/21".  Stupid stuff like cleaning the house, mowing the yard you know, mundane stuff that just sucks up so much time and energy.  We cleaned and mowed anyway.  Nothing changed.

The fact that nothing changed gives me comfort.  My expectation for His return was sealed a long time ago when I gave my heart to Jesus.  Tonight, tomorrow, next year, 100 years from now - I'm ready.
My heart just hurts for those who sold homes, cars and gave up jobs and everything they owned for one mans skewed philosophy.  May God bring restoration and healing to my expectant Harold Camping friends and turn what may have been viewed as perfect nonsense into seeds planted in the minds of those who do not have a relationship with our Father in heaven.

God has a way of doing just that... He takes what the enemy meant for evil and he turns it for our good.  And I expect HE will.

Remember you are loved!